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Coated Abrasives, linishing, Non Woven Abrasives and Polishing

Coated Abbrasives

Coated Abrasives

  • Abrasive Cloth Economy Rolls
  • Abrasive Cloth Sheets
  • Flap Wheels Unmounted and Wooden Centre
  • Flap Wheels with Spindle
  • Spiro Bands
  • Fibre Discs
  • Silicon Carbide Mesh Rolls
  • Quick Change Discs
  • Abrasives for Woodworking
  • Sponge Abrasive Pads and Blocks
Lininshing Belts

Linishing Belts

  • Cloth and Polyester Backed Belts
  • Portable and File Belts
  • Wide and Narrow Belts
  • Belt Cleaning Sticks


Non Woven Abbrasives & Polishing

Non Woven Abrasives

  • Non Woven and Interleaved Flap Wheels with Spindle
  • Non Woven Pads and Rolls
  • Non Woven Convolute and Unitised Wheels
  • Surface Conditioning Belts and Discs
  • Nylon Fibre Web



  • Polishing Mop and Compound
  • Felt Wheels
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